Weekend Warmup

Saturday: Brunchin' & Beachin'
Malibu Cafe and Santa Monica Beach

I don't know what it is about Malibu Cafe that gets me, but it does. Every single time.
We had a late brunch and I felt completely at bliss with spending time with my family after weeks of hectic schedules and work. Summer felt real at this point and the weather was so sweet, as if I had picked it out of a menu myself. 

I've also become obsessed with table tops. Its like art to me. 

*Doing important business*

Just in case you were wondering.

Sunday: Island Hopping
Catalina Island, Avalon

A one hour ride on a ferry brings you to an island of the richest blues and ports lined with sailboats.
We rented our own golf cart and all four of us felt like we were in a faint european dream.
(if only pictures did anything justice - Luckily, I filmed it all too below)

 I even made friends

Anyone watch the movie 'Like Crazy'?

Monday: Moms in Malibu
El Matador State Beach

Summer is not real without a trip to El Matador. I only hope that all Californians know of this gem of a beach. I can't imagine a better place to forget about everything. Oh Malibu, you make me love the ocean. 


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