City Guide | San Diego

Hello friends.
I took a much needed trip away from Los Angeles last weekend and headed 3 hours south to San Diego.
As expected, I fell in love with this quaint and quiet city.
I've even put together a short video of my trip above if you're interested in more visuals.

On Friday we explored Balboa Park and all of its glory:
museums, gardens, tea pavilions, parks.
It was reminiscent of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.
 Such a beautiful place.
We had lunch outside and I felt like I was in a European country.

Sunday was full of exploring. 
We woke up and had breakfast in Little Italy's farmer's market. 
The weather was warm and the ocean was clearly visible. 
We bought a $2 bouquet and a serving of brioche french toast (yum!)

Later we crossed over to Coronado Island and found Bay View Park,
 also known as, the greatest view of downtown San Diego.
 It was also quite nice as the park doubled as a beach.
And as you could imagine, the weather was wonderful.


Passing over the Coronado bridge was surreal. 
You could see the entire city right before your eyes
 and it was the closest feeling to flying that I have had in a while. 

We also took a visit to Mount Soledad.  It was still as eerie and chilly as always.

Herringbone in La Jolla.
 The type of restaurant I swoon over. 
Trees, industrial lights, fireplaces. The list goes on...

Sunday Morning: Brunch at To The Point Eatery
It was a gloomy morning but it felt like a warm summers day when I tried my first Acai Bowl. 
I now understand. Its to die for.

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