T w e n t y

This is me at the end of the night
completely smitten and enjoying the scent of my cupcakes taped to a plate

20 always felt like a huge deal my whole life. Whether it be the new number or the lack of the word -teen, it feels like I'm jumping into a whole new ballgame (I can't believe I just used that metaphor) (how adult of me). Turning 20 is like a constant reminder that you are both young and old at the same time and its pretty much a sensation you don't understand until it happens to you. Sentimental speech aside, I'm really looking forward to this year and age, as always, and I'm ready to see what the 20s are all about.

My breakfast with my sister at Blu Jam avec the best blueberry pancakes in LA and a blend of organic breakfast tea
It couldn't get more Hanna if I tried

Then Mika surprised me with the book I've been drooling over for weeks

All I remember is feeling like I belonged in the 90s
A classmate of mine asked me why I was so dressed up, to which I replied "I'm wearing a plaid shirt as a skirt, if that ain't casual idk what is"
I also aced my final that day, a birthday miracle (jk I studied for three days straight)

Came home from school to greet flowers and a little pinecone friend that were newly mine
Aren't they gorgeous? 

I ended the night in Pasadena (my new favorite town) with a bunch of my newly acquired LA family. 
We had sushi and strawberry short cake and all I could think was how fortunate I was to have such good company in such a new home. 

Thanks to everyone who made this Monday an amazing one & for making the start of December so sweet.

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