The vlog world

Before my trip, I promised some friends and family that I would be dedicated enough to make small vlogs whilst I was away. I thought it would be a sweet idea since I myself, LOVE to document everything esp via video. I've finally put together clips coming from my ipod, phone etc. and have edited them all together into short 5-6 minute vlogs of my daily/weekly life as a volunteer in Thailand.
Here is number 1 : The beginning of it all, the first few days of pure exhaustion and dark under eyes and no makeup. It's all real man.
Just sit back and enjoy the up and personal view of my life.

DISCLAIMER: Due to sleep deprivation and windy situations, some of the chit chatty parts may be hard to hear. I wouldn't worry too much about what I'm talking about anyways but raising the volume might solve this problem.
Also, I'm aware of the dodgy quality at times... Don't blame me, blame apple and its sucky ipod camera.
Alright, enough talking, go watch!

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