Chiang Mai เชียงใหม่

I thought I'd do a little something specifically for Chiang Mai.
Me and my friends basically called this city "the haunted one" because every time we would go, something unfortunate seemed to happen. Otherwise, it is a real sweet place.

This is one of the floats from the flower festival where each float was made completely and delicately with flowers. I don't know why I explained that, its pretty self explanatory. 

 The walk to our hotel was always a dream. I especially enjoyed the graffiti on the walls. 

I always saw this sign whilst walking out of my hotel and even though it is so simple and probably written in the cheapest sharpie ever, It kept me happy.

This was one of my favorite temples. You could feel its presence from far away.

 Scenes from the night market. Fifi even came and found me.

Phad Thai lady could you be any more inviting?

One more thing I learned in Thailand, 7-11 doesn't close at 11. But it should because I literally spent all my time there buying this amazing green tea and snacks of all kinds.
This was taken at Nice Kitchen and it was genuinely really nice. Surprisingly a lot of restaurants have the word "kitchen" in it but it didn't bother me a bit. This was one of them, and I must share that we liked it so much we came back... twice.

A slight look into what I was eating... and can I just say that that orange juice was just a dream.

Of course you have your elephants casually on a wall. This is Thailand after all.
I laughed a bit to myself when I realized that half of my pictures were of Lucy and Guillaume doing the most normal and mundane activities. It was pretty insane, my little European models. 
 Ganbaro, a saying some of would say to each other almost after everything that went on. Ganbaro means "we can do it!" or "lets do our best" in Japanese. This picture reminds me so much of my friends in Thailand. 

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