30 things I learned in 30 days

1. Saying hello to someone is always accompanied by putting your hands together. The higher you raise them, the more respect you are showing.

2. Nothing really compares to riding an elephant through a river.

3. Eating meals on the ground is very common and quite enjoyable.

 4.Teaching is one of the most difficult and most rewarding things I have ever done.

5. Spicy food is worth trying even if you cry after eating it.

6. There is no better feeling that walking barefoot in a temple.

7. Thailand is the land of motorcycles and it is common to see at least 3 to a bike.

8. The American version of Phad Thai is a joke

9. Lighting paper lanterns into the sky is probably one of the most magical experiences.

10. Monks are just like anyone else you've ever met, but cooler. 

 11. Transport in Thailand is a bit dodgy, especially when people are hanging off the sides of them.

12. I celebrated my first Chinese New Year (Lahu New Year) and it was one of the most nosiest and most interesting of experiences.

13. 20 Baht smoothies from the night bazaar in Chiang Rai is easily the best thing in the world. 

14. Prices are so strange in Thailand. One Swenson's icecream sundae equaled the same amount for one night at the Boon Bun Dan guest house. 

15. Some of the most beautiful places in the world are in the middle of nowhere. This was taken in a classroom in Phayao.

16. Playing Duck Duck Goose with 200 kids is a very intense game.

17. Pancakes with lemon and sugar is 10 times better than with maple syrup

18. It is always important to have an open mind whilst traveling and be a bit adventurous! (AKA I ATE A CRICKET PEOPLE)

19. "Everyone should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by Nature." - George Harrison

20. The Chiang Mai Sunday night market is probably the best market I've been to in Thailand.

21. Color pigment is much more vibrant and alive in Thailand. Even their desserts are brightly colored.

22. Fruit is very inexpensive. It is almost unfair because it is always fresh and always delicious.

23. A lot of the market food comes in bags. Slushies are commonly served in bags with straws. 

24. Song Taos were the transportation of choice amongst all of the volunteers. It comfortable fits about 16 people at once, and maybe more if people are willing to hang from the back. 

25. Many things in Thailand can be used for good luck. The most interesting had to be when one of our tour guides threw a bag filled with a frog, fish, an eel into a lake. I must admit, I felt a bit at peace after watching them all swim away. 

26. Animals (mostly dogs and cats) are commonly seen hanging out just about EVERYWHERE. 

27. In the midst of all of the buildings in Chiang Rai lies a beautiful gold clock tower that lights up in every color each hour when nightfall arrives.

 28. Beds in Thailand seem to always be missing real blankets; these are the sheets in my hotel. 

29. Beware of getting Henna tattoos in Thai, the translation may lead you into 2 weeks of humiliation.

30. Saying bye to people you lived with for weeks is the most heartbreaking part about volunteering abroad.

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