Saying goodbye to one more year

2012, I cannot believe you are over.
I feel very nostalgic writing this blog post as it seems to be the third time doing this...
I suppose it gives me the closure I need for saying hello to a new year.
Last years: post

The year we all surprised fifi in Oswaldo's kitchen
with the ritual bonfire included
and beautiful Lincoln Road nights

The year I traveled solo to Los Angeles to hangout with Mika in February
The year I spent fourth of July in America on the beach

The year Halloween was actually scary
And thanksgiving was nice and peaceful

The year fifo and I visited Asian Festival for the last time

 The year I went to ROBERT IS HERE 3 times...

The year I visited San Francisco for the first time

The year where I went to Orlando twice

And the year I skipped my senior prom to hangout in NYC for a few days with Andi (Worth it)

Had my actual final art show at highschool


The year of our 5 year anniversary at Basel

And of course, the year I traveled to Japan with Fifi.

Happy New Year!!!

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