"December sweetness, art and heaven"

Art Basel has always been an event in Miami that I cherished most. Hell, it is the event that I cherish most.
Beginning in the early days of December, and landing so close to my birthday, its arrival in the South Florida region is a blessing if nothing else.
5 years in counting, Fifi and I have never gone a year without it since we first became good friends. Something cute we can tell our children, right?

I always find myself in a strange state of calmness and complete excitement when I'm there as if the entire convention center becomes quiet even when its buzzing with noise.
The foreign faces
the walls drowning in art (in a nice way)
and the conversations spoken so softly

What is it about Art Basel that leaves us all in awe?
But need I say more when pictures really do say 1000 words and more?

A look at last year: 2011
& Fifi's outlook

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