Summer of 2012

So Summer has finally said its goodbyes a few days ago and although I am quite crestfallen about the whole thing it was in fact extremely long.
I'm back to my old habits, some good some not so good. But on a brighter note, my room smells like fresh linen and that scent may have even transferred on to me. Busy days ahead, and when I say busy I mean BUSYYYYY.
I barely have time to even think about what to write next...

The whole point of this post was to wish you all Happy Autumn as well as leave you with a video of the summer travels that Fifi and I encountered: Japan, Japan and Japan.
The time may be unbearable but I promise it is very much worth every second (especially considering the amount of time our little hands and hearts put into the whole film)
4 years of planning
3 weeks, 30 mins

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