Don't count the days, make the days count

yay! points go to me this month:
1. I have been appreciating the mechanical genius that hides away in the guest room of my house, oh dear treadmill how could I live without you. (Especially with this FLORIDA weather)
2. I have been ordering long awaited books! Ordering books has never so easy... (and dangerous) since my credit card number seems to be automatically saved online! At least its for books and not clothes..
3. I have been drinking gobs and gobs of tea. Is gobs even the right word?
4. My room is continuously clean for I have finally understood the meaning behind making your bed right after you wake up. Maybe its a sign of me maturing?
5. I have set up for working on my portfolio (which is good enough for me!!!)
6. I have made an effort in reuniting with past pals and its oh so worth it.

still working on calling people back

Many small guesses

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