Early June brings cool summer days
Some rain
and lots of hydrangeas.

I wonder what people imagine
when they think of Japan.
Small island, crowded spaces,
 bright lights, fast trains. Sushi.

But there's so so much more
hidden in the mountains,
so much beauty

See for yourself:
-Clematis no Oka
-Mishima Taisha

I've noticed that I have an eye for small trinkets. After cleaning my room, I realized it was almost a problem and that was when I blamed Japan. Everything from shower curtains to garbage bags are the cutest things and I MUST HAVE THEM. But since my cheap self won't let me indulge, pictures are what save me. 
This snow globe is from the hills near Hakone where a small museum called Clematis no Oka resides. 

It was one of the many "heavens" that Fifi and I found on our trip. Putting my dream bakery buiss aside, bookstores are just another one of my reasons for being. 

And did I not mention, along with books and trinkets, just about 5 steps away lies an italian joint called CIAO CIAO! that not only serves (from what I could smell) amazing food, but gelato as well. 
and of course we had to....

Sweet gelato,
spilling white roses
obachans in fancy hats
books on books on books

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