Ciao 2011

I underestimate time sometimes.
Just after the clock struck 12 and confetti started blowing in my hair, I realized how long this year had been.
Although my mind remembered 2011 as one of the most stressful, it was still filled with beautiful moments in between.

Said hello to Boston and NY in the spring

Watched my baby fifi turn 17

Became a senior citizen 

created beautiful headdresses

Enjoyed my very last art show in high school

Ate so much Japanese food


 went to see YELLE in concert while turning 18

Had many bonfires
and many trips to Stars with my main girl

Had loads and loads of picnics

 said goodbye to art classes
 said goodbye to old items
 and said goodbye to Andi and her brown hair

made more than enough pancakes to make me sick

Received my first laptop ever

 cut my fringe 50 times

 Flew across the country
 Properly celebrated Halloween

and Christmas

 and New Years....


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