Padova // Padua



1. Streets and homes of this little quaint and small town of Padova.
2. Orto Botanico, the botanical garden of Padova hidden behind Saint Antonio's Basilica. 

I'm so happy to have spent 3 weeks of this year in Padova alongside my best friend. 
Most days we would spend our time strolling through the quiet streets,
which was usually the case in August in Italy.
Some times I would feel like I was back in Japan, which sounds so strange to say. 
But theres something so reminiscent and nostalgic about the small streets 
and pastel colored homes. 

Orto Botanico was a highlight of the trip for the both of us. 
Greenhouses, gardens and fountains with the faint ringing of the church bells in the distance.
The rain had stopped before we had arrived with our umbrellas and trench coats. 
"What a beautiful treasure to have so close to home"
I can't imagine a place more serene. 

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