Breakfast in Italy

Much time has passed since I was living alongside my girl in the dreamy land of Padova, Italy. 
I've rarely even had the time to look back at the memories
but they're still replaying over and over in the back of my mind.

One thing I really miss are the mornings. 
Fif and I would regularly share breakfast together on her tiny wooden table 
and on more special occasions, on her balcony.
Breakfast usually consisted of stella cookies, 
some variation of peach whether in fruit or juice form,
instant Billa coffee,  yogurt and toast with homemade jam that her aunt made. 
Nutella was also welcome.
It was the simple act of setting an entire table up, sitting down, 
and sharing a meal together even on days when we were in a rush or half asleep.

Thank you fif, for being such a good host and feeding me for 2 weeks. 
I miss it so much.

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Malinee said...

I don't know why, but I kinda like this shot a lot. I was in Italy too and it was really amazing. I suppose you also had a great time :) Beautiful blog btw