I romanticize everything, but I'm no romantic.

Summer is definitely real where I reside. The days are long and the heat clings to my skin.
I fall asleep each night to the crickets and wake up to the quite sun peeking through my curtains.
I've also seemed to gravitate towards clothing I could only wear in Thailand's warmth
and snacking on every type of fruit in season.
My first summer in California has been truly wonderful.

I've recently switched homes and there's something so peaceful about this new place.
I spend many of my afternoons on the front porch, surrounded by our fence made out of trees as I watch the sky wash away into deeper blues and grays.
I'm content here.

I've also been lusting over the idea of traveling and in 2 weeks it will all be real.
While on the phone with my grandmother, she wished me safe travels the same way she did when she dropped me off at the Haneda Airport in Japan.
She used to tell me I was very brave even when I felt like I wasn't.
Thanks Oba, I will keep exploring on your account and enjoying the long warm summers until they are nothing but memories.


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