Mini Guides LA : Part I

General Store // Venice, CA
This store is what they call a "design community" bringing together new and vintage pieces that range from household items, books, jewelry, clothing, furniture; basically a little bit of everything. These quaint little shops are seriously my bread & butter - like my pinterest page came to life. Located in Venice, this is General Store's second location with San Francisco being their first (convinced yet?) 

Coral Tree Cafe // Encino, CA
Its pretty obvious when I say that I love coffee. But the only thing I love more than coffee is coffee shops (and LA is filllled with them). I'm talking about those quaint and cozy havens that you can spend hours in and not even notice. My sister took me to Coral Tree Cafe recently for some sister study time & the infamous banana latte (with a face nonetheless!) This place is dripping with lovely interior architecture and feels like someone's home and honestly what's better than that?

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