LA to SF

Its been exactly one month since I have moved over to the West Coast. And since then I have been incredibly impressed with this huge state of California and feel happy to be living back on this side again. 
3 weeks ago, my family and I had the ultimate CA experience when we took a road trip from Los Angeles up to San Francisco (+Napa). and I think might have fallen in love with San Francisco, again. 

 | Day 1 | Winding roads, Pacific Coast Highway, elephant Seals, cheese plates and beaches.

 (those are clouds by the way)

| Day 2 | San Francisco, french bakeries, union square, Golden Gate Bridge, China Town, and Spanish birthday dinners.

| Day 3 | Muir woods, Napa Valley, Wineries, and BEAUTIFUL down town Napa

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Golden Thoughts said...

God damn it, San Fran!
So Beautiful!