"You get a strange feeling when you’re about to leave a place. 
Like you’ll not only miss the people you love but you’ll miss the person you are now at this time and this place,
 because you’ll never be this way ever again." 
Azar NafisiReading Lolita in Tehran

Back to the suitcases guys, round 2 of this year. But this time its different.
As of right now, I'm laying on my bed full of vacuum bags, my floor is being taken over by unorganized piles of clothes and my closet is looking sparse. Four more measly days here in my Florida home. Its such a weird feeling knowing I wont be living here anymore. Is it weird that I have always pictured this moment in my mind since the day I moved here? I guess its a good thing that I'm sticking to what I really want to do. I'm proud of myself for not letting fear or challenges get the best of me. 

I'm excited to see what the rest of this year brings.
California, bring it on.
I am ready for you. 

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