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    Ichi-go ichi-e, "one time" or "one meeting"
Ichi-go ichi-e is linked with Zen Buddhism and concepts of transience. The term is particularly associated with the Japanese tea ceremony, and is often brushed onto scrolls which are hung in the tea room. In the context of tea ceremony, ichi-go ichi-e reminds participants that each tea meeting is unique.

Here is one quote that I learned in my Japanese class and over time became something really important to me. I was surprised when I first heard it, like it was something that described the last few months of my life perfectly. It helped me understand the reality of my situation and helped me get over the tough times.
I thought I'd share it on my blog in case it could help someone else.

So now you're wondering how this saying really relates to my life. Just like in the tea ceremonies, life is full of these "one time" moments. My teacher used our class as an example. This class I was in gathered people from different parts of the world into one classroom. This would only happen once, she would say, and soon everyone will go off into other directions. "Although we may meet again, it will never be like the first time. This one time is unique and that is why we should cherish it now." I never knew how to describe this type of situation or feeling. It was the same way in Thailand with all of the volunteers and staff and children. There was always a part of me that wanted this moment in time to stay. But that wasn't how I should have been looking at it. I had this moment in my life to share my life with them for a little bit and that is all that matters.

I realized after all this research on this one quote that the artist Kishi Bashi named his album cover after it.
His album's called 151a which in Japanese translates to Ichi-go-ichi-e. Just genius. 

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