Look who's back

As of a few days ago, I am no longer that girl that disappeared from home.
As much as I miss everyone I have met and the beautiful countries of Thailand and Japan,
I am also pretty pleased to be back home. 
Sorry for the small silence, April was a big month and its always good to step away from the computers sometimes. 

Here are some of my favorite memories of April.


 Visiting Tokyo Tower for the first time.

Attending school in Tokyo alongside my amazing classmates/teachers.

 Eating at the best Pizzeria with three Italians (+shin) 

laughing and laughing at Oktober fest in Japan.

And enjoying my favorite view again and again

 Going to a cat cafe (what? Yes..)

Showing everyone how to properly eat pringles
Eating out and singing karaoke (not pictured, probably for the best)

and hanging out with my mom in Asakusa.

When I came home, people kept telling me that I was coming "back to reality." But the thing is, the past few months were my reality. This is my life. 

I can't say how much I learned over the past 4/5 months. I had done things I never thought possible, accomplished goals that I'd always wanted to accomplish, and made some of the most amazing friendships I hope to keep for years to come. 
All I can say is that I wouldn't change a single thing.

Lots and lots of love,


Anonymous said...

hello, i've been thinking of going to a language school in japan. i was wondering what school you went to and how long the program was? i am from the US as well. your pictures are great!

MV said...

hey i was interested in going to a language school in japan and was curious to see what school you went to and how long your program was? your blog is super cute btw!

Hanna L said...

Hey! Thanks so much for reading. I went to a school called Kudan Institute of Japanese Language and Culture. I did a program that was made for about 3 months (in the spring) but I only attended for one month. It is very flexible and an AMAZING school. You should definitely look into it. Good luck x