To cherry blossoms and new beginnings

Yesterday I went on a long walk just around my neighborhood and it was the best decision I have made in a while. The cherry blossoms were almost fully in bloom and were reminiscent to small clouds of snow when seen from far away. 
The thing I like the most about Cherry blossoms are how short their stay is, making them that much more desirable to see. The moment spring's warmth hits Japan, these little guys bloom instantly as if overnight and they usually stay for only a week or so before the leaves grow green. 
I can honestly say that seeing the Cherry Blossoms was something I wanted to do for years and years and never really thought possible. 
That's when I realized I am doing something right with my life.

Since I've been gone from home, my mind has opened up to a lot of things.
I now never will see challenging things as something to run away from.
I also try to say "Yes" to things I saw as impossible. 
With April only a few days away, I feel very excited to see where next month leads me.

Something I wish I told myself earlier: Just walk around and get lost. 

 I found this random cake shop near the Sakura trees hidden so well.

 Also learned that each city in Japan has their own unique manhole covers. This is Mishima's, of course garnished with Cherry blossoms. 
Felt the need to appreciate small English signs. 
 This is the land of the cutest warnings.

And of course, saw my best friend Mt. Fuji.

I don't think the people who live here appreciate the true beauty of their home. 
Its days like these that remind me why the Impressionists were so inspired by Japanese nature. 

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