Saturday night starbucks

Fade of Tokyo

I woke up this morning with my eyelashes still in-tact with curl and mascara and a bowling wristband around my arm. Last night was my dear old friend Erika's birthday and it was refreshing to be out with a whole new group of people.
I was amazed to see how much fun everyone could have within any situation. 
I think its really important being around people who can make you laugh and just enjoy life at any given moment. I'm very happy I went.
In other news, bowling is actually so much fun whether or not you suck or not. 

I spent the rest of my afternoon watching Freaks and Geeks on netflix and painting crazy maze-like paintings for class. (My subconscious need to multi-task has turned into a habit I can not let go of)
All in all, I sit here in starbucks alone, red cup in hand, wondering how Thanksgiving is only a few days away and how in the hell I can finish the amount of things I need to finish in such a short time. 

We're putting the Christmas tree up tomorrow. 
I'm so excited. 

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