Overview of October

1. Catching those fluffy and dusty decorations from my graduation party
2. A bruschetta I have been having for lunch most days this month
3. Pilsberry holiday sugar cookies of course
4. Finding a new pho location
5. Learning how to create notans in class
6. COMME des GARCONS nails
7. Sporting my old flower crown. Lana Del who?
8. The baking genius of this month: Pumpkin dark chocolate cookies
9. Another coconut frenzy
10. Bird making in Anthropologie :) (November but we can bend the rules)
11. Finding Charles in Anthro
12. A lovely and lonesome pumpkin patch I love so much.
13. My sad "Halloween is nearly over" face.
14. My beautiful puppy being a good sport and wearing a tamago sushi costume.


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Kristen Lam said...

The aesthetic of your blog, in love with it.