A late night piece of mind

photo by this brilliant photographer I follow

Tonight I sit here at my dining room table, totally frazzled at how dirty I can make a place in less than an hour. Finals are coming up and I feel like a cheat talking about them since I barely go to school. But nonetheless, my final piece for art is due in a few short days which leads me to the reason behind my mess.
I never really knew how much I loved design after taking my 2D design class in college. 
My professor is the greatest and even though we students groan when she assigns work, I know that she is one of the few people who really care about the type of work we produce. Her words for this final project were as follows: "Please, just make sure you like what you're making because there is nothing worse than spending time making art you hate" 
I also saw her sincerity when she gave me this large slab of beautiful, thick water color paper that looked as if someone had hand-stitched it together. I was the only one dramatically overreacting about this. 
I also really believe that something in my mind had changed whilst in this class.
I realized that it doesn't really take an expensive art school or hot-shot city to provide great education. As long as you have a teacher who cares about your time and effort as much as you do. 

I do this thing sometimes where I miss something before it is even gone, and I have done so with this class so many times. Its one of my many strange habits. 

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