Konichiwa beehees

Traveling to Japan is a mixture of pure excitement, exhaustion and incomprehensible flashing landscape. 
After years and years, this habitual trip is one thing I don't think I can live without. 
In the end, my parents screwed me over. Did they not understand that once I started these trips, I would never be able to stop. 

All figurative language put aside, I am so so lucky to know a place like this so well to a point where I can call it my second home. 

May 30th was the day. A trip me and fifi had been patiently waiting for for years. 
It was the type of plan we made that could kick The Secret in the butt.
Although I'm sad to see the time pass and the trip over, I wouldn't change a thing.
Even if I miss it terribly. 

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