A rant

I do not know the very few who follow this blog, but if you are still patiently subscribed to this pathetic excuse of a blog, then more power to ya.
Well well well, where has the time gone. As I say this, I look back at my past blog posts and think, "wait.. that was this year?"
So I correct myself, it was a long hell of a year.

Over the many many months that have passed I became a senior in high school, got my first ever "official" job slaving over children and yogurt, fell into a void, locked myself in my room to create a portfolio for art school, spent most of my time freaking out over applications, partied on sexy Fridays, made new friends, lost new friends, got accepted into art schools, was highly considering moving to San Francisco, went crazy again making decisions, went to Los Angeles, went to San Francisco, fell in love (not with a boy..sigh), denied art school, decided to take a year off.....and here we are, back to the present to this very moment of me typing these words..s.s..s.
Of course, in the midst of that paragraph, I did forget to mention extremely brilliant experiences I had this year. It truly has been great.

So as this year of high school ends with only a few more dangling days left, I bring you a year of freedom. A freedom I never ever thought I would have. Exciting right?

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