I wish I went back for more

The other day I went
to Art Basel con fifi on
 my birthday.

A mixture of
December sweetness,
art and heaven.

"A place where we should meet
our future boyfriends"

a place where I want to
get lost in.

A place where I feel
most comfortable

We skipped school and spent the day in an environment I find myself attached to.
 Its was my fourth year attending this event and my only regret was not going back for more. 
I don't blame myself though. 
This weekend was extremely busy to a point where my mind has fuzzed it all together. 
It was beautiful and magical nonetheless.
I was quite solemn about turning 18. Such an overrated number.
But there are perks about growing.

Friday: Art Basel,
strolls along Lincoln, Tomato y basil pizzas, galleries, birthdays, glitter,
 buses, naps.

Friday evening: The Fillmore, Y E L L E, glitter, florals and blazers, chandeliers, and beautiful musique, sleepy drives home.

Saturday: My work's grand opening, dancing and singing, frozen yogurt, and familiar faces.
Saturday Evening: my dear friends, road trips, X-mas lights, Cologne, road trips, Wynnwood, Rummage sales, Food trucks, Art galleries, dark nights, late dinners, sweet icecream,
 crystal castles, biting cold wind.

Sunday: More work, face painting, complete happiness, laughs and laughs.
Sunday Evening: quiet movie night and cranberry juice

Monday: naps and naps everywhere and anywhere

photo credit: me and my dear friend fifi: please check out her blog: golden thoughts

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