Untitled (Rambling about nothing)

"when you were younger, did you ever think you were the only person who had a brain, who could think, who
 lived, and everyone else was just put there to be in your life? (okay maybe it was just me... *tugs collar*) but 
that was how i felt till i was 9 and wondered what a friend was doing, and went, 'holy mother of moses other
 people continue living their life when i am not around'. it was a relief the fate of the world no longer depended on
 me." _ Words and thoughts by Cavaan

I felt the same way for sure, but instead, I felt that everyone around me was a robot.

Taken at De La Cruz Collection right down here in Miami
Hehe these are my photos for once.

Hyvää päivää

It hasn't stopped raining here
                                                                                     its nice.
Have you ever felt like this photo below?
                                        Because its the best feeling in the world.
                                                                                                                                              I miss it.
                                                                                                                                        Why can't I have it here?

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cavaan said...

hahaha yes! robots! funny how people always think they are the only ones thinking of something, but it always turns out almost everyone else go through the same phases and moments. aaaah life.